Robert Edwards’ Contribution to Medicine

Robert Edwards contributed to the science of medicine with the use of his research in IVF babies, or otherwise known as human in-vitro fertilization therapy. Receiving the award of Noble Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 2010, he was then known as the father of the test tube baby. A baby that was successfully conceived with the help of IVF or in-vitro fertilization therapy is considered to be a test tube baby. In different researches and studies, it was found out that more than 10 percent of couples experience inability to conceive a baby or infertility, thus the invention of this type of fertilization became an instant success and gained its popularity to most of the population in a short period of time. It is also not a big question, but the invention of Robert Edwards of the IVF therapy indeed was able to help a huge number of couples in attaining their goal in conceiving a baby.
The study of Robert Edwards in the treatment of infertility way back in 1950, he made use of human egg cells and fertilized them in dishes- thus the giving of the name of the “test tube babies” as what other people may understand it in layman’s terminology. It was only until 1978 of July, when the first test tube baby was successfully born- without any problems or complications. By this day fourth, Robert Edwards and his team proved the success of the IVF therapy. Their knowledge of the technique in fertilizing hum egg cells in a dish was shared to the entire community of medicine as well as the whole world. As time goes by, more and more babies were successfully conceived with the help of this type of therapy. Even parents who were born via IVF made use of this process to help them conceive a child as well. Indeed, this invention of Robert Edwards was a big help and leap to the field of science and medicine.
However, the story behind this success did not come off as easy. The Medical Research Council, UK, at first did not give their approval the plan and did not participate in any research or studies all throughout. The team of Edwards only relied on the donations that were handed out to them for them to study. Aside from the medical research council, other sectors or groups such as religious and ethical comities also disapprove of this plan.








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